Why Bother? The 6 Reasons We Do


Great thoughts on why you might consider the path toward self-sufficiency. This sums up nicely what started our family on this path. Blessings!

This M Word

Why do my husband and I bother to strive towards being self-sufficient? It’s something I’ve been asking myself for the past 3 years that we’ve started on this journey.

Up until 3 years ago I knew next to nothing about being self-sufficient, homesteading or even growing one tomato plant and I wasn’t really even thinking about it. However, as time has gone on, I’ve done more reading and research about our agricultural and husbandry habits in this country, and it just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t like not knowing where my food is coming from and naturally this prompted me to learn more about growing my own food. From there, it was a hop, skip and a jump to wanting to learn more about various skills involved in homesteading. Part of it is a curiosity of what people did before mega-corporations came into being and manufacture nearly every…

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