“April is National Autism Awareness Month where we celebrate those in our lives that have autism by permanently showing our support by getting an autism themed tattoo.

Participating tattoo shops donate a portion of the tattoo cost to Autism Speaks or a local charity that provides autism services. The amount per tattoo is determined by the shop, not Ink4Autism. In the past two years shops have donated anywhere from $20 to 100% of the tattoo; again, totally up to the shop. Also, Ink4Autism does not receive any of the funds, rather they are donated to the local Autism Speaks office in that tattoo shops area or an autism charity of their choosing. To date, participating shops have raised over $25,000 in North America alone.

Last year over 130 tattoo shops participated, and in the past two years have inked over 450 autism themed tattoos. We have shops participating in Canada, the US, Australia, the United Kingdom, Romania, Norway and South Africa and we hope to do even better. We have been profiled in the March 2013 issue of Skin & Ink Magazine and the April 2013 issue of Inked Magazine.”

To see if there is a participating tattoo parlor in your area:


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