Swept Away!


Life is full of unexpected twists and turns.  In the blink of an eye the mundane can become the unusual.  Predictability gives way to spontaneity.  Your sense of control is lost and you are swept off of your feet.  You have been thrown into an adventure that you could not have predicted or planned for and you find that you are just along for the ride.  Sound like a good time?  It could be the most exhilarating love story and you find that you are the star at the center of it, or it could be something a bit more like this:

We like to think about how we would respond to windfalls and other types of unexpected blessing…. but do we take time to plan for the worst?

I was in a car this morning- driving my wife to work- and rain poured from the sky unlike anything I’ve ever seen from behind the driver’s wheel.  While driving under the overpass, what I thought was a normal puddle turned out to be anything but that.  Steering our new car was not an option, and I was extremely glad to find dry ground on the other side without impact or injury.

It made me think about how glad I was that we just completed a very necessary evil last night.  We updated our Last Will and Testament for both me and my wife last night.  It is a process I hate doing, but with a child that has special needs this process is one of the most important things we can do to ensure his care is ensured in the event the worst happens.

I’ve seen what happens to families who try to figure out what the loved one would want in absence of a will- all while trying to get through the grieving process.  May I encourage you to take time to show a last act of kindness for your loved ones?  Don’t make them try to figure it out.

We used Legal Zoom.  There are many ways to get this accomplished, but this was the right time/place/price for us.  So, if you’re not sure where to start, that might be a good place for you begin.


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