Finding An Unlikely Ally



In our journey with autism, it isn’t often that we know when we do something right.  When verbal communication is intermittent and the words that come from Aiden are often quotes from movies, having breakthrough moments when we really get to hear what he is feeling is a rare and great thing.  This weekend, we had the opportunity to experience moments like these- and grandpa was there to experience it all!

We had no idea he was interested in such things.  It is not a part of our household culture, but after watching him pace back and forth in front of a poster in a lobby and seeing his reaction to a commercial on TV, we decided to give it a shot.  Everything about this event should have sent him into a fit.  The noise, the crowd, the lights- all triggers to sensory overload- were going to be firing on all cylinders. We knew it was an expensive risk and that the adventure might end before it had a chance to begin, but off we went to give it our best shot.

Moments after the first event ended, I anticipated hearing the familiar sounds signaling our need to immediately leave. Instead, he simply lowered his earphones, looked at me, and said “wow dad, this is amazing!” followed by “I am so proud of you.”

That was the beginning of great conversation with him that lasted the entire day.  While today we are back to a sense of normalcy, this is a day that won’t be forgotten.

Thank you Monster Jam and his new found attraction to El Toro Loco.  You provided an avenue into my son’s life.  While I still don’t understand his attraction to this event, you’ve gained two new fans.


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