Every day I wake up and see a world that I recognize less and less as my own.

Faith, Family, and Friendship- all things that were once held dear- are daily exchanged in an attempt to find fame, fortune, and “fun”.  Truth is willingly brushed aside and replaced with lies- eagerly lapped up by those more interested in being entertained than enlightened.  What used to be bad is now good.  What used to be good is now bad.  Pseudo-science has created a generation of victims instead of victors- medicating away that which isn’t easy to hear and celebrating stagnation and mediocrity while downplaying growth and development.  The appearance of achievement is valued more than actual achievement and expectations are replaced with excuses.

How does one navigate this journey of life on earth while being surrounded by a society that despises everything you value, and values everything you despise?

This is my journey.


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