10 Things Pastors Hate To Admit Publicly


Something to think about. Pray for your spiritual leaders!


MB Posts When Ellen and I were first married ministry was not our 20-year plan, the Navy was. We had it all planned out; we were to spend the next 20 years with me being gone for 15. The Navy explained to my sweet new bride how grueling it would be, that I would be gone often and that even when I was around my mind would be elsewhere. Knowing that my particular career path in the Navy would be a marriage destroyer I pursued a discharge for the pursuit of higher education. With the promise of a difficult future behind us we embarked upon an easier dream where everyone would love us and things would be calm: pastoral service.

Twenty plus years later I can tell you it has been a ride we never could have anticipated. So much so that only now do I feel equipped enough to share a…

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Love in the Age Of Autism


EXACTLY! My son also shows similar expressions of love. If he gives a hug while facing you, he typically leans in and wants to touch his forehead to yours. It has been multiple years of him backing into us for a hug and he has just recently started reaching his arms around to hug us in a more typical manner. His expressions of love are unique, but I never doubt what they are.

Rocky Parenting

image I recently revisited a Temple Grandin TED talk, The world needs all kinds of minds , from February 2010. I have watched this before and my son and I even saw her speak on this topic at the local University. But, each time I watch it I get something new out of it. What really stuck out to me on this viewing was a question asked of her at the end. Speaking for parents, the moderator asked, “Is it unrealistic for them to hope or think that that child loves them, as some might, as most, wish?” The question crossed me as strange and I think, based on her expression it may have crossed Temple Grandin as strange too. She answered saying, “Well let me tell you, that child will be loyal, and if your house is burning down, they’re going to get you out of it.”

I have never…

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Education: The Right Vision for Your Child’s Future


This is one of the important reasons we homeschool! It isn’t always easy, but is always worth it. We have to sacrifice wants (others think they are needs) in order for one of us to be able to stay home and ensure they are actually gaining a solid education, but these wants are small compared to the benefit that our children will receive.

We are not wealthy by US standards, but have found that it IS possible to do with an income of under 40K per year if you are willing to prioritize and eliminate extras now to ensure the bright future of our children.

If we can do it, you can (and should) too!

Learning the Way of Wisdom

Rear view of class raising hands

No influence is greater on culture than that of America’s schools. If every parent in America knew what was really going on in the public schools, there would be a revolution. I encourage parents to discover the content of the curriculum, the climate of the classroom, and the methods of the teacher in order to determine if these practices and philosophies align with their objectives for their children. To say that education is important is an understatement, yet it bears repeating that it is important for parents to know what’s going on in their children’s classroom. Biblically, this is a parental responsibility. Parents have the ultimate authority and responsibility over their child’s education (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). While a parent can delegate authority to a teacher or principal in the school, that parent cannot delegate responsibility. Parents will have to give an account to the Lord regarding the content and…

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To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store


We just talked about the importance of being a benefit to those around you in church yesterday. There are opportunities every day to reach out to those around you and bring happiness to a world that is frequently full of bad news and hopelessness. Be the change you wish to see in the world!

My Patronus Is Coffee

Dear woman behind me in line at the grocery store,

You don’t know me. You have no clue what my life has been like since October 1, 2013. You have no clue that my family has gone through the wringer. You have no clue that we have faced unbelievable hardship. You have no clue we have been humiliated, humbled, destitute.
You have no clue I have cried more days than not; that I fight against bitterness taking control of my heart. You have no clue that my husband’s pride was shattered. You have no clue my kids have had the worries of an adult on their shoulders. You have no clue their innocence was snatched from them for no good reason. You know none of this.

What you do know is I tried to buy my kids some food and that the EBT machine was down so I couldn’t buy…

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A dirty, little gospel.


A very real look into a very unique worldview. I highly recommend you take the time to check this out!

hannah brencher.


The palm of my hand stopped sweating somewhere around the 13-minute mark.

Finally. I was feeling comfortable and my shoulders were loosening up. He’d taken my hand at the start of the story saying, “Here,” as he stretched it out to me. I’d only known him for two hours but his hand reaching out to me, like a crutch to lean upon as I spoke, was a sense of home in those Northern Georgia hills that night.

I bobbed and weaved and the led the dinner table through a story I’d told to people dozens and dozens of times before about my losing and finding of faith. I know every crook and dark corner of that story, every time a person will let their jaw drop or bury their face in their hands. That story is a clearly marked and weathered roadmap to me, speckled with all the landmarks…

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Things a 40-Year-Old Pastor Would Say to His 25-Year-Old Self


Such wisdom in this post!

The Unappreciated Pastor


I was 25 when I became a senior pastor. That was 15 years ago. Honestly, I’m a little down about this whole age thing. I’m looking back a little. Time has gone by so quickly. I have been reminiscing about life in the ministry. In looking back I have come to the conclusion that it would have been great if there were a mentor in my life to prepare me for ministry. The reality is, at that point, I was so hard headed I probably would not have listened to anyone. I was pretty independent. The only person I would have listened to was me. I wish 40 year old me had been around when I was 25. I would have listened to him. That brings me to this blog post. What would 40 year old me have said to 25 year old me?

1. You’re an idiot. I…

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Today & Tomorrow Hope & Pray


Portia Dawson "My Son, His Voice, Our Journey"

I haven’t slept much since Callie was diagnosed with autism. When he was much younger, there were countless days where I watched the moon appear at night and greeted the sunrise with not as much as a doze or a nap. Bags under my eyes were constant witnesses of my lack of rest & my obvious fear of not wanting to leave him alone. As he became older, I would shut my eyes for a few hours only to be awakened by anxiety of making sure the boy that I had put to bed at 9:30 p.m. is still ok at 11:00 p.m. .  . .1:00 a.m. . . .3:00 a.m. . . . .and then up for good at 5:30 a.m.
Watching a child struggle is beyond difficult, but it’s a 100x worse when you feel helpless about how to make things better. The big bad wolf called fear has…

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Why Bother? The 6 Reasons We Do


Great thoughts on why you might consider the path toward self-sufficiency. This sums up nicely what started our family on this path. Blessings!

This M Word

Why do my husband and I bother to strive towards being self-sufficient? It’s something I’ve been asking myself for the past 3 years that we’ve started on this journey.

Up until 3 years ago I knew next to nothing about being self-sufficient, homesteading or even growing one tomato plant and I wasn’t really even thinking about it. However, as time has gone on, I’ve done more reading and research about our agricultural and husbandry habits in this country, and it just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t like not knowing where my food is coming from and naturally this prompted me to learn more about growing my own food. From there, it was a hop, skip and a jump to wanting to learn more about various skills involved in homesteading. Part of it is a curiosity of what people did before mega-corporations came into being and manufacture nearly every…

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